Interior Landscaping Plant Ideas

Find the right plants for your interior.

Atriums and Lobbies - Interior Landscape Service - MI

Lobbies and Atriums

Just as properties with park and waterfront views command higher rent, adding greenery can increase your building’s marketability. Even in a highly competitive marketplace…

Office Plants - Interior Landscape Service - MI

Office Plants

Adding plants to your office environment can add real value to your work environment and professional image. At Interdentrading it is our goal to deliver results that drive…

Replica Plants and Trees - Interior Landscape Design - Michigan

Replica Plants

For organic beauty in an impossible location,
Interdentrading provides clients with the best alternative to living plants – replica and preserved foliage.

Living Walls - Interior Landscape Design - Michigan

Living Walls

Green Walls, aka Living Walls are vertical surfaces that are densely covered with vegetation. The perfect focal point for reception areas, entrances or seating areas…

Hotel and Casino Interior Landscape Design Service

Hotels, Retail and Casinos

At Interdentrading we understand the highly competitive nature of the hospitality business. For this reason Planterra is not just a service vendor, we are a partner in your success.

medical facilities

Medical Facilities

The use of gardens in a space for recovery dates back to the earliest centers for treatment in western medicine. As healthcare advances, plants and nature continues to…

National Interior Landscape Design Service

National Services

Interdentrading provides clients with multiple locations consistent, reliable and unified interior landscape and holiday décor services.